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Stylin’ Strings: Easton Giveaway, Dope Blade OG, and a New Dye Job : SOSO 85

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A word from the folks at Stylin’ Strings:   Welcome to the 85th episode of the world renowned Ship Out Shout Out by Stylin Strings Lacrosse. We start off this week with a fantastic Maverik Centrik with a maroon one color fade left with a beautifully strung Pin Plus pocket. Up next we have something […]

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US Lacrosse Signs Easton as Sponsor for US Lacrosse Northeast and West Championships

BALTIMORE, May 6, 2013 — US Lacrosse today announced Easton-Bell Sports, Inc., as a manufacturer sponsor of the 2013 US Lacrosse Northeast and West Championships, powered by Lacrosse Unlimited. The sponsorship provides Easton, a designer and developer of sports equipment and accessories, on-site activation opportunities for its lacrosse line and space in the vendor village at the youth lacrosse tournaments administered by thesport’s national governing body in Amherst, Mass., June 21-23 and in San Jose, Calif., June 28-30. Read More…

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WTF?! Matt Gibson Boggles My Mind

WTF?! Matt Gibson Boggles My Mind

As an encore to “This is the Best Lacrosse Stick Trick Video Ever Featuring Matt Gibson,” Gibson impresses once again. On the floor for the Minnesota Swarm, Gibson dazzles us with never-before-seen tricks. Read More…

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Easton Sports and 3d Lacrosse Team Up to Create the Next Generation of Elite Lacrosse Players

VAN NUYS, CALIF. & DENVER — Easton Sports and 3d Lacrosse share a common vision for helping lacrosse players up their game: better coaching and training plus superior equipment creates better players. It’s a simple yet powerful formula that has already helped thousands of athletes across the country at 3d Lacrosse events sponsored by Easton. Read More…

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Easton Stealth Core Shaft Review


Easton’s strength in the lacrosse world since they began moving into the sport has always been their shafts. They provide solid shafts with grip for a price that very few can compete with. The Stealth Core handle continues in this path being the first 7050 handle to have a diamond style grip. Easton promises to grab a lot of attention with this mid priced handle comparable to a Sabre or F22 with one of the most popular grips on the market. Read More…

Easton EON Complete Stick Review

Easton EON

The Easton EON complete beginner stick is the newest beginner stick to hit the market. This stick is meant for the new player jumping into the game and looking to find a stick that will help them develop into the next star on the field. The EON provides an alternative option for the up and coming player. Read More…

Easton Stealth Core Gloves Review


Easton hit the market last year with gloves and really struggled from what I saw. This year they came out with a lower priced version of the Stealth glove called the Stealth Core and they really took all the feedback and made huge improvements with this years model. I got to try these out this week in my box men’s game that got really rough and really put these gloves through their paces competing against my normal gloves. Read More…

The Easton Stealth Core Glove

The Easton Stealth Core Glove

Easton made its way into the lacrosse industry with top of the line equipment and research. The same holds true in the new Stealth Core glove. Impact-absorbing EVA foam protection is placed in the most critical regions of the Easton Core Glove. Read More…

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Easton’s New Commercial — Ride Stealth

Easton - Ride Stealth

Easton Lacrosse, dedicated to innovation and passion, has released a new commercial. The Easton commercial explores the spiritual connection between Easton athlete, Mike Powell, and his instrument, the lacrosse stick. Read More…

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This is the Best Lacrosse Stick Trick Video Ever Featuring Matt Gibson


Since the season ended, Gibson has been hittin’ the road with Easton Lacrosse. This evening, we received a special video, which showcases Gibson’s redonkulous stick handling skills. He is beyond good. Easton Lacrosse only sponsors athletes who resemble the company’s passion for the sport. Read More…

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