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Easton Lacrosse Unveils New Athlete (Video)

easton lacrosse

Easton Lacrosse will be announcing the arrival of a new Easton athlete. This video placement will give you an idea of who he is. The player is the complete package and will, without a doubt, add a tremendous amount of flare to the Easton team. Read More…

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Easton – Outlaws Gear Day (Video)


Easton Lacrosse outfits the San Francisco-based Alcatraz Outlaws before their big tournament swing on the East coast. The players were supplied helmets, shafts and heads among other pieces of equipment. Read More…

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Easton Raptor Helmet Review


Per many requests from readers we will begin writing reviews on the latest equipment in the game. Kicking off the first review is resident author, Michael Britt. Easton supplied him with their new Raptor helmet. Below is his honest analysis. Read More…

Easton Lacrosse: Danielle Spencer’s Motivation (Video)


Check out this Verdict video piece for Easton Lacrosse featuring Danielle Spencer. Danielle is one of the most highly decorated women’s lacrosse players in the game right now. A 3-time National Champion in college, member of Team USA and currently a coach at Stanford, Danielle stays super motivated to be the best. Read More…

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Enter the Easton Lacrosse Helmet Design Center, The Dome

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Experience the Dome. Easton-Bell Sports’ commitment to the development of state of the art head protection for the world of sport. This video lets you enter Easton-Bell Sports Helmet design center (aka “The Dome”), and shows why they are a leader in innovation and design in helmets for today’s athlete. Only five days until the Raptor lacrosse helmet is available for sale. Read More…

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The Easton Raptor – Custom HeadWrapz


As mentioned yesterday by LPG blogger, Josh Hagerman, HeadWrapz would be revealing the custom decal for the new Easton Raptor helmet. The one shown above is for a Long Island club team, For The Love Of The Game. With the launch of the Raptor helmet set for 11.11.11. we expect to see more mock-ups soon.

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HeadWrapz: The Raptor Is Coming


By now many of you have already seen some amazing designs by the company who originated the headwrap. Well, with Easton’s Raptor helmet having some love, HeadWrapz decided to wrap it with top secret material from the lab that no one knows about. Read More…

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Easton Lacrosse Travels To Native Vision


Since Easton entered the lacrosse industry they have played a big role in inspirational projects. They were present at Play For Parkinson’s in October and now they unite with Native Vision. Native Vision uses sport as a way to mentor Native American youths who have to face harsh realities that most kids don’t have to deal with. LPG blogger Zach Heffner travels with Easton Lacrosse to Native Vision in New Mexico and discovers that the benefits of sport, do not end when you leave the field. Read More…

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Easton Lacrosse Video Recap from the Play For Parkinson’s Event

Screen shot 2011-10-25 at 2.42.17 PM

The Play for Parkinson’s Lacrosse Series was recently held at Episcopal High School in Alexandria, VA. Easton Lacrosse was one of the vendors present supporting the event. Read More…

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Play For Parkinson’s: Easton Lacrosse Tent


This past weekend twelve elite NCAA men’s and women’s lacrosse teams faced off in the second annual Play for Parkinson’s Lacrosse Series to a crowd of 7,000 at Episcopal High School in Alexandria, VA. A number of vendors were also present. Easton was one of them. Read More…

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