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Reebok Black Arm Pads

Reebok Black Arm Pads

Reebok Black was designed and engineered for the elite lacrosse player. Carbon Lite is one of the lightest and one of the most impact resistant protection in the industry. The shape of the elbow cap is engineered to offer protection in the most vulnerable part of the arm. Read More…

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Reebok Lacrosse Goal Backstop (Video)

Reebok Lacrosse Goal Backstop

Catch stray balls during solo or group practice with the Reebok Lacrosse Backstop Net System. This one-time set-up backstop provides coverage on all sides of your goal and folds behind your goal for easy storage. Read More…

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Reebok To Sponsor Turkey Lacrosse

(January 08, 2013) – Free gear! It’s a phrase that every lacrosse player loves hearing and one that Reebok is helping the folks at Turkey Lacrosse say. Reebok recently agreed to help sponsor Turkey Lacrosse by donating 150 heads as they host the 2013 Turkey Lacrosse Open during September of this year in the southern coastal city of Alanya. In the past few years, Reebok has proven to be successful at locating less well-known sports and helping them reach national prestige, as evidenced by their endorsement of CrossFit, which has evolved from a relatively unheard of sport to a nation-wide phenomenon known as “the Sport of Fitness”. Read More…

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Reebok Lacrosse Sponsors Turkey Lacrosse Open 2013


Reebok Lacrosse will be sponsoring the 2013 Turkey Lacrosse Open in Alanya, Turkey. Lacrosse has grown at a fast rate in Europe and especially in Turkey. Reebok will be sending Reebok pro athlete, Jordan Hall, to participate in clinics. Reebok will also be providing the team with 150 heads to help develop the game for the youth. Read More…

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Bandits Unveil New Uniforms for 2013


The Buffalo Bandits held an open practice event at First Niagara Center on Saturday, Dec. 15 to offer fans their first chance to catch the Bandits in action before the start of the 2013 National Lacrosse League season. The Bandits also unveiled their new home and away jerseys when they took the floor at 10 a.m. Read More…

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Reebok Pumpkin Challenge Lacrosse Tournament

PC Logo1a

Lacrosse Club Orlando is pleased to announce the inaugural Pumpkin Challenge presented by Reebok. The Pumpkin Challenge is the first tournament of its kind to combine the top lacrosse talent from all over the South East, a one of a kind fan experience, and real prizes to be given to the winning team in each division. Read More…

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Reebok Madlax Nationals Helmet Decals


The Reebok National Lacrosse Team is a true elite national lacrosse team comprised of the best players from around the country who play on a Madlax All-Stars team, a Partner Program, or meet the criteria of being an elite 2013, 2014 or 2015 lacrosse player with high character. Reebok is the title sponsor and provides free custom team shorts, socks and equipment. Today, we bring you the first look at custom MadGear helmet decals. Read More…

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Stringing Soft Mesh


Here’s another Reebok 10K, but with Jimalax Soft Mesh this time. With summer ball coming soon, there are a number of players that will be switching to soft mesh since rain is not an issue. Soft mesh pockets provide the same feel as heavily broken in hard mesh, but they are game ready almost immediately after stringing thanks to a short break-in period. Read More…

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StickWorkz: Reebok 10K w/ Jimalax Semi-Hard Mesh


The head I strung is a Reebok 10K with Jimalax semi-hard mesh and all Jimalax materials. My goal was to string a pocket that almost anyone could use, without adjusting their throwing too much. It has a super smooth release with a bit of a snap, but it has phenomenal hold so you can really get some torque on shots. Read More…

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Crooked Arrow Lacrosse Gloves


The Reebok Crooked Arrow Lacrosse Glove offers you a chance to stylishly commemorate the 2012 full-length lacrosse movie, “Crooked Arrows” as well as support the promotion of US Lacrosse. This limited edition lacrosse glove is only available while supplies last.

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