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Minnesota Swarm Unveils New Home Jerseys

swarm uniforms

SAINT PAUL, Minn. – The Minnesota Swarm today unveiled its new home jerseys for the 2012 season. The Swarm plans on releasing its new road uniforms at a later date. Minnesota’s home and away uniforms in 2012 will continue to feature its patented blue and yellow stripe pattern along the sides and in addition now feature a honeycomb design around the shoulder area. Read More…

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Reebok 9K Airvynity Cheetah Strung Head

reebok cheetah head

The Reebok 9k AirVynity women’s head has a pro-offset design for excellent ball control and protection. The Pro-Pinched reduces ball rattle and the V-Shaped Scoop keeps the lacrosse ball channeled when shooting/passing and allows for extreme accuracy but the rounded scoop top makes this head a vacuum when it comes to ground balls. Lastly, the Reebok 9k AirVynity sports a Cheetah pattern adding a dramtic element.

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Reebok 7K Lacrosse Zendium-Pro Argyle Shaft


The Reebok 7K Lacrosse Zendium-Pro Argyle shaft almost feels like it has a powder grip on the handle, which gives the player a very soft and smooth feel. It provides enough grip without having to use a whole roll of tape. The shaft comes in six colorways.

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Reebok Agrees to $25M Settlement Over Butt-Shaping Shoes

reebok lawsuit

What would you do if you got duped into buying a product that didn’t do everything it promised? Would you sue? The Federal Trade Commission figured they would and have reached a settlement with Reebok for a reported $25M settlement due to false advertisement. Read More…

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Images From Reebok Lax Photo Shoot

reebok lax photoshoot-2

Check out some behind the scene pictures from Reebok Lacrosse’s Photo Shoot with Reebok sponsored pro lax players. The photo shoot was shot at several locations and includes a number of Reebok promo players such as Zack Greer, Brodie Merrill and Lewis Ratcliff. Read More…

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Zack Greer of Reebok Lacrosse Smashes Flat Screen TV

Zack Greer, who has been cruising across the country on the Reebok Watermelon Challenge Tour, made a stop at Sling It! retail store in California. Zack had some extra time at the in-store promo and apparently enough time to smash a flat screen tv. View Video…

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Crooked Arrows' Baltimore Auditions Video

Here are some highlights of the Reebok sponsored Crooked Arrows casting call in Baltimore at the NCAA Final Four championships, May 2011. Keep Reading…

Crooked Arrows x Reebok Tri-State Casting Tour Dates

Crooked Arrows wants you to join their Tribe. Fresh from its Casting Tour at the NCAA Lacrosse Final Four in Baltimore, Crooked Arrows will be holding auditions for lacrosse athletes in Hempstead, Long Island, Norwalk, CT, and Summit, NJ, from Friday-Sunday, June 10-12. Keep Reading…

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A Big Hand for Today’s Glove

Now, don’t think I’m going to roll over for all of today’s lacrosse equipment: I haven’t got to pads yet. BUT … my new Reebok 7Ks are incredibly better than my trusty old Brines! (Yes, that’s italic and an exclamation point in that last sentence.) I mean, big-time better.

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Reebok Lacrosse Watermelon Challenge Rolls Into DC

Reebok recently went on tour this season to give fans a chance to check out Reebok’s newest equipment while participating in a watermelon challenge. The challenge entails blasting three watermelons to pieces. Last week, the tour rolled into Washington, DC, to the Gonzaga College High School Campus. Keep Reading…

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