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Striker Danger Skeleton Crew Theme Dye Job


In my continuing efforts to use Striker Danger’s apparel line for dye themes, I recently finished the Skeleton Crew. The shorts are mainly Black and White, so I wanted to continue that theme with the images they use. Read More…

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Striker Danger Strikes Again!


Hi all! Back to business with a post about shorts. In the middle of Winter. But seriously, Striker Danger has done it again. I love their men’s patterns, and when I got a couple pairs of my own, I couldn’t believe the quality of the material. They’re thick enough to get in an outdoor workout up North and breathable enough to wear on the beach down South. To test, I did both! From NY to CT to Miami, these shorts stood the test of weather and movement. Read More…

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Sofa King Money Uniforms


One team that stood out this weekend at Laxtoberfest was the Sofa King Money team. The uniform designs were heavily influenced by American animated television series, Duck Tales. The shorts depict the theme very well and the Gold top has a money sign ($) on the back. Read More…

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StrikerDanger Zombie Bro Shorts

Zombie bro

Inspired by the hit show “The Walking Dead“, a world ravaged by a zombie epidemic, the Zombie Bro shorts add another element of fear to your game. The right leg displays a ghouly zombie with a detached human hand. The left leg shows a repeating pattern of icons including a tombstone. Purchase at

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StrikerDanger Sublimated Jorts

Jort shorts

New to the StrikerDanger online store are exclusive jortastic shorts. 100% custom designed with fully sublimated pockets these shorts look like the real thing. However, they don’t feel like denim because they are made from high-end poly/Lycra performance fabric. Purchase at

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Another Syracuse All-American Joins StrikerDanger Apparel

rip the duck shorts

Yesterday, we told you that former Syracuse middie and current MLL player, Jovan Miller, signed on with StrikerDanger. Well, today StrikerDanger will be manufacturing custom shorts for another stellar Orangeman in Steven Brooks. Brooks, who currently plays for the Bayhawks, has developed a distinct persona over the past few years with his rifling lefty shot. Read More…

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Jovan Miller Joins StrikerDanger

jovan miller

StrikerDanger just announced that Pro player and Syracuse alum, Jovan Miller, will be joining the team. StrikerDanger is a wholesaler, retailer, and custom uniform designer of lacrosse apparel. Read More…

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