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Greg Gurenlian joins Tribe7 Lacrosse as President

Tribe7 Lacrosse is proud to announce that Greg ‘Beast’ Gurenlian is joining Tribe7 as it’s President. Greg’s extraordinary passion for the game, passion to win, and compassion for others makes him the ideal leader to further Tribe7’s Mission. Tribe7’s Mission being to provide the Lax Community with game changing gear, at Lax Community prices. We […]

What Happens When The Faceoff Academy Visits Chicago

What Happens When The Faceoff Academy Visits Chicago

New Wave Lacrosse and Greg Gurenlian joined forces recently to bring the players the best in face off techniques, strategies, and approaches. Read More…

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Lacrosse Playground’s Best Videos from 2013

Lacrosse Playground's Best Videos from 2013

We’ll wrap up 2013 by laying out the best videos from our YouTube channel. Read More…

Telephone Booth Lacrosse: Size Don’t Matter

tribe7 lacrosse, Telephone Booth Lacrosse: Size Don't Matter

In this video, Tribe7 shows us why you should be able to make your living in a telephone booth. Stick skills pay the bills. Read More…

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Tribe7 New Lacrosse Head: The Sceptre7


Once again, you asked for it, and Tribe7 made it. The Sceptre7, an NCAA/X Head that you can face-off, score, and crush things with. At 111 grams, the Sc7 lacrosse head is light enough for Attackmen, and yet stiff enough for D-Poles. A Head for Ruling the Field, from end line to end line. Read More…

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Tribe7 Ghost7 Equipment Review


Long time fan and reader, Brady ‘Bradford’ Fitzgerald, is sharing an equipment review with the site today. Bradford is reviewing the Ghost7 head by Tribe7 Lacrosse. View his thorough review after the jump. Read More…

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Tribe7 Ghost Series


Tribe7 is showing us their new equipment in the Ghost series. It is labeled the Ghost series because the gloves and head enable you to move effortlessly and smoothly on the lacrosse field. The head in particular is the lightest in the game. Read More…

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Ghost7 Glove By Tribe7Lax Shields Off Bullets (Video)


Tribe7Lax has been fielding questions for some time now if the new Ghost7 line of equipment (head, gloves) is really battle tested? Well, Tribe7 wants to put all suspicions to rest with this documented video. Bullets and grenades are among the many methods of destruction used to see if these products have the wherewithal to survive anything. Read More…

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Scare The Opposition With The Ghost7 Head


The Ghost7 head is Tribe7’s latest game changer. The Ghost7 is designed for offensive players, of all ages. It weighs a mere 3.59 ounces (102 grams) making it the lightest head in the game. The heads are available now in a Black colorway. Read More…

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Tribe7 Lacrosse Ghost7 Head


Hitting shelves this month is the Ghost7 head from Tribe7 Lacrosse. Ghost7 head is a tribute to the lacrosse community. Tribe7 listened to what players wanted and produced a super-light NCAA/X head. Read More…

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