Warrior Encourages Gloryholes for Sticky Situations

Screen shot 2013-06-17 at 5.00.54 PM

The Warrior Gambler soccer cleat is perfect for sticky situations according to its manufacturer. The Gloryholes provide added comfort for players. The advert is another risk Warrior has taken. But, will it fail like its racially charged #NinjaPlease promotion? Read More…

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Kyle Hartzell’s Electric Custom Warrior Lacrosse Gloves

Kyle Hartzell's Electric Custom Warrior Lacrosse Gloves

Warrior created an electric custom job for Ohio Machine’s Kyle Hartzell. The custom Warrior Burn lacrosse gloves are in a Light Blue and Black colorway. These gloves are completely different from Matt Bocklet’s, but I’m still torn between which design I like most. Read More…

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Matt Bocklet’s Custom Warrior Burn Gloves

Matt Bocklet's Custom Warrior Burn Gloves

Matt Bocklet will, undoubtedly, stand out in these Custom Warrior Burn Gloves. The Black, Orange, and Silver colorway will make his hands look like two balls of fire bouncing around the field. Read More…

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Matt Danowski’s Palm-Less Warrior Burn Gloves

Matt Danowski's Palm-Less Palm Warrior Burn Gloves

Matt Danowski’s Custom Warrior Burn Gloves have a “palm-less palm.” This feature was done for all of Warrior’s Player Club athletes this year. It is a act that world players have been doing for decades in order to get a better feel for their shaft. Grip It and Rip It. Read More…

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Warrior Lacrosse Signs Loyola Standouts Josh Hawkins and Mike Sawyer


Warren, MI. (June 10, 2013) – Warrior Sports announced today the signing of Hamilton Nationals Josh Hawkins and Charlotte Hounds Mike Sawyer to two-year endorsement contracts. Both were members of Loyola’s first-ever Division 1 NCAA Men’s Lacrosse 2012 title team. Read More…

Custom Warrior MD4 Lacrosse Gloves for Steven Brooks

Custom Warrior MD4 Lacrosse Gloves for Steven Brooks

Check out the Custom Warrior MD4 Lacrosse Gloves for Steven Brooks in a Blue/Grey/White colorway. The MD4 is designed to allow greater wrist “back bend” for improved wrist flexibility. Read More…

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Warrior’s Clausen to Cut Hair For HEADstrong at NCAA Championships

Ken Clausen for Lacrosse Magazine

Philadelphia, PA – Since his playing days at the University of Virginia, Ken Clausen has established himself as one of the most recognizable figures in the game of lacrosse. Clausen’s popularity isn’t the only thing that has grown over the years, in that time he has grown what is considered by many to be the best hair in the sport. His iconic locks, handlebar mustache and unique personality caught the eye of Warrior Sports and in 2010 he joined the team as a spokesman and Mountain Pacific territory representative. Read More…

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Seton Hill Warrior TII Playoff Helmets

Screen shot 2013-04-30 at 11.43.55 AM

4onetwolax shared a pic of Seton Hill’s custom Warrior TII Helmet. The Western, PA, D2 power has experienced a lot this season. Earlier this spring, the Women’s team lost their head coach in a bus crash. Read More…

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Ohio Machine Warrior Equipment 2013


The Ohio Machine will look to improve upon its previous season with new custom Burn arm pads, Burn arm guards and MacDaddy 4 gloves. The Cream Blue padding are embossed with the teams logo. Read More…

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Chesapeake Bayhawks 2013 Warrior Equipment


Warrior is starting to roll out the MLL gear for this season. Today we will look at what the Chesapeake Bayhawks will be rocking this season. Below are the gloves, arm pads and arm guards players will be wearing. Read More…

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