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Colgate Men’s Lacrosse 2012 Player Blog: Lunch Has Been Cancelled Today Due to Lack of Hustle

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After coming off a big Lehigh win, we couldn’t let ourselves get complacent for Lafayette. Coach reminded us consistently throughout the week how he doesn’t care about their record, but about the fact that if we win this game, we’re in the Patriot League Tournament. Read More…

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Lehigh Men’s Lacrosse 2012 Player Blog: Beat Bucknell

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It’s been a while since I had to write about a loss in this blog. I guess I should consider that a positive thing, but I’d be lying to myself if I thought it was that easy to find personal closure in the face of defeat. Going forward, the only attainable closure in this type of situation can be found through hard work: by working harder in practice than you did in the previous week. Read More…

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Colgate Men’s Lacrosse 2012 Player Blog: American Reunion

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When “Danza Kuduro” came on in the locker room yesterday around 4 pm, it was one of the best feelings any of us have had so far this season. We had just knocked off the #7 team in the country, and taken down the #1 defense. It didn’t stem from just showing up on Saturday, but from all the hard work we put in during the week leading up to it. Read More…

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Lehigh Men’s Lacrosse 2012 Player Blog: #Good2Great

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On Thursday night of last week, our travel squad hit the road for Annapolis, with a tough Navy team waiting for us on the other side. We got into our hotel pretty late, so there wasn’t much to do other than go to sleep and rest up for the following day. Reminiscent of my prep school days, Coach Wilson came around and checked everyone in…one of his many versatile roles as an assistant coach. Read More…

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Colgate Men’s Lacrosse 2012 Player Blog: Best Day Ever

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Our team’s character is exactly what would be tested this week coming into Army. How would we respond to a Patriot League loss? We’d come ready to play in each day’s practice. Read More…

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Morgan State Men’s Lacrosse Player Blog: Way More Than a Game

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The first year I played at Morgan I had no idea who we had on our schedule, but a large part of the team was upset that we weren’t playing Howard. I didn’t understand at first until it got through my head what a big deal it is to lax at an HBCU. I didn’t know any specifics other than the fact that they usually played Howard but this year we weren’t. Read More…

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Lehigh Men’s Lacrosse 2012 Player Blog: Poison Ivy On His Upper Thighs

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To all my loyal readers out there, I apologize in advance if this isn’t my most in-depth post of the year. It’s been a busy week for our team (as they all are), and a midterm week for all Lehigh students on top of that. The obligations of being a “student-athlete” are never more demanding than in weeks like this. Studying becomes far more of a time commitment than even lacrosse for most. Since I’m sure no one out there wants to read about what I’ve learned in Corporate Finance, I’ll try my best to fill everyone in on what’s been happening on the field. Read More…

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Detroit Mercy Men’s Lacrosse 2012 Player Blog: We Have No Plans of Stopping

detroit mercy lacrosse jason mcdonald

It has been an exciting last three weeks. It began with the win over Quinnipiac, which propelled us into the first game of conference play at Canisius. The one aspect of NCAA athletics that has stood out to me the most is momentum, which happens to currently be on our side and unless the world ends tomorrow, I don’t see it leaving the Detroit Titans. Read More…

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Fairfield Men’s Lacrosse Player Blog: #SullySmith Can Speak French in Russian

fairfield lacrosse brent adams

So, I was kind of MIA last week with my blog and sorry about that, but wasn’t really in the blogging mood after a loss. So yeah, we lost our first game of the year vs. Colgate two weeks ago, and a loss is never good but it’s something we kind of needed. It got us refocused on the little things we lost sight of and got us that much more motivated for the rest of the year. And wouldn’t you know it we came out firing this past Saturday vs. Hobart in our first conference game of the year. Read More…

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Colgate Men’s Lacrosse 2012 Player Blog: “Call Me Maybe” Flu Hits the Team

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Legacy is a word that has been repeated a lot to us this season by Coach Murphy, mainly to the senior class. He has asked us on multiple occasions, “Seniors, what kind of legacy do you want to leave behind?” Coming off a strong Fairfield win, Navy would be a game that would add to that legacy. We just didn’t know in what way at the time. Read More…

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