Villanova University Nike Vapor Elite Lacrosse Equipment


Nike Lacrosse went all-in with Vapor Elite gear for Villanova University. The Wildcats gloves, arm pads and arm guards are silky smooth with a Navy/Columbia/White finish. View for yourself with the images after the jump. Read More…

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Wesley Lacrosse Gear 2013


Wesley Lacrosse (DIII, CAC) will be wearing new gear this year. The gloves are brand new custom Brine King Superlights with “WC” on them. The Elbow pads are Brine Triumphs. Read More…

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Navy Midshipmen Custom NCAA 2013 Nike Vapor Elite Gear

Navy Vapor Elite Gloves

Fresh out of the box! Navy’s new Vapor Elite Gear from Nike has finally arrived. The Midshipmen have received Vapor Elite Gloves, Vapor Elite Arm Pads and Vapor Elite Arm Guards. What pleases me the most is not necessarily the traditional colorway of Gold and Navy, but how White is arranged especially on the glove. Read More…

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Rollins Lacrosse Dedicates Season To Head Coach Rossi’s Father


New sights are in line for the Rollins men’s lacrosse team as they look to build on a season that matched a program-best in wins. The 2013 season will feature a young roster with new talent and the second most home games in program history. Read More…

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Rutgers Lacrosse Equipment 2013


The Scarlet Knights of Rutgers will be looking fresh this season! The squad just received new gear from Nike and Maverik to improve their record from last season. Gear includes Maybach Deuce arm pads, Rome gloves, Wonderboy and H2 shafts, Pro7 helmet, pinnies, Dri-Fit apparel and Nike Vapor footwear. Read More…

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2013 Brine King IV Arm Guard

2013 Brine King IV Arm Guard

The Brine King IV Arm Guard has a four-piece construction with anatomically-positioned padding for fit, flexibility, and protection. Its contour mesh sleeve helps shape the guard to the arm for a form fit, which prevents slippage. Additionally, the two-piece ventilator liner padding in the sleeve and ABS hard caps produce increased layers of protection against hard stick checks. Read More…

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Nike Vapor Elite Arm Guard


The barrel elbow of the Nike Vapor Elite Lacrosse Arm Guard is designed to protect the elbow while limiting bulk found in traditional arm guards. Nike Dri-FITĀ® liner wicks away moisture. Recommended for advanced players. Read More…

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Warrior Burn Arm Pads Review


Well Warrior went for the whole deal with the Burn line including the midfield arm pads. These arm pads made me slightly skeptical but more than impressed. Those looking for a good arm pad for a reasonable price will be extremely happy. Read More…

2013 Brine LOPRO Superlight Arm Guard

2013 Brine LOPRO Superlight Arm Guard

Take the bite out of lightweight with the Brine LOPRO SL Arm Guard. Score the legendary LOPRO arm flexibility with the added protection of a hard elbow cap. Lightweight, 5.4 oz, compression padding gives developing offensive players the security they need to drive to the net, while Grid Flex lets the pad contour to your body for maximum agility and response. Read More…

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Brine King IV Arm Pad 2013


The Brine King IV Arm Pad saves the weight, yet keeps the protection. It’s 20% lighter than the King III Arm Pad, the IV clocks in as the new force in low profile protection. 2-piece compression construction with compression cap delivers the fit and comfort demanded by elite players. And, it has a full-length contour mesh sleeve with gel print for form-fitting flexibility, without slippage. Read More…

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