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Cradlebaby From LaxCB


Cradlebaby was spawned from a married couple in 2011. They were tired of being told, and telling their kids, not to practice lacrosse in the house when they really wanted them to do just the opposite. The couple took matters into their own hands and invented Cradlebaby. Read More…

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Barbecue Dining Boat


Catalog retailer Hammacher Schlemmer is selling a new toy for the waterway. If you are looking for the fastest and most convenient way to grill fish as soon as they are caught then you’ve got a winner with the BBQ Boat. The Barbecue Dining Boat features a built-in barbecue grill, umbrella, and trolling motor that provides waterborne cookouts for up to 10 adults.

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2012 Father’s Day Gift Guide

Gift Guide fathers day

Father’s Day is practically here and you have no idea what to buy. We’ve done the hard part of finding fun, cool, and usable gifts, now all you have to do is consider purchasing one or two. The gift guide includes a few essentials, as well as non-essentials to put anyone’s father or father figure in a good mood. Read More…

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Nintendo Wii U GamePad

Nintendo Wii U

If you were born in the 80’s then Nintendo was a huge part of your childhood. Stomping on mushrooms and rescuing princesses on the reg. Today Nintendo releases info on a Wii U game console. The Wii U is a tad more advanced than the original game system, but it shouldn’t be hard to play catch-up. Read More…

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Dogfish Head Randall Jr.


The Randall Jr. gadget can turn any run-of-the-mill beer into a refreshing and highly original beverage. The Randall Jr. allows you to infuse your favorite brew with just about whatever ingredients you can think up. Just place the ingredients in the Randall Jr. and pour the beer right over them. Place in a cold climate such as the fridge for 10 minutes or so and you’ve got an amazing concoction on your hands.

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Microsoft Announces Halo 4 Release

halo 4, lacrosseplayground.com

Microsoft has finally announced a release date for the upcoming Halo 4 game. Set in the aftermath of Halo 3, Master Chief returns to confront his own destiny and face an ancient evil that threatens the fate of the entire universe. Read More…

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Brew Cave Walk-In Beer Cooler & Kegerator


Looking for something to add to your Man Cave? How ’bout a Brew Cave! Seriously though, the BrewCave is the walk in cooler that has everything. The Brew Cave stores over 30 cases of beer and has room for four kegs on top of that, frostiness is your friend. Speaking of those kegs, this unit has the added bonus of doubling as quite possibly the world’s largest kegerator.

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Queens University of Charlotte Goes Pro with GoPro

queens university lacrosse, lacrosseplayground.com

On a beautiful, sunny Saturday, Queens University in Charlotte attached a GoPro camera to TC Whaley. TC and the boys had a little more fun than they usually do, which is evident by the video. It just so happened to be a scrimmage day and the footage turned out phenomenal. Read More…

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Laxworx Chrome Emblems

laxworx chrome emblems, lacrosseplayground.com

Let everyone on the road know that you play lacrosse by purchasing a Laxworx chrome emblem for your car. Laxworx has manufactured a high quality product that contains real chrome electroplated onto hardened ABS plastic. The chrome will never fade. Read More…

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Battery Powered Surfboards by Wavejet


WaveJet Pod is operated from a waterproof controller powered by Seatooth® technology that is worn on the wrist. Powered by a lithium-ion battery, it can be recharged using a standard outlet or car lighter. Read More…

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