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Glory Hounds Lacrosse Official Engraved Balls of the MLL

engraved ball

Glory Hound Lacrosse has been named the official engraved ball of Major League Lacrosse. Both team balls and special event balls, like the limited edition All-Star ball shown here with a silver tint, will be available for serious fans who want the perfect autograph ball or just want to carry their favorite team in their bag for some well-motivated wall ball. Read More…

Glory Hound Lacrosse Introduces the Bushido Series

Glory Hound Lacrosse Introduces the Bushido Series

Excellence begins in the offseason and Glory Hound has developed a series of motivational balls to help get your butt up and on the field to put in the practice time needed to reach your potential. Based on Bushido, the ancient code of the Samurai Warrior, these balls feature the Samurai symbol along with one of the character traits necessary for success.