LaxTrack: Pat Stansik — Local Celebrity


Our boy Pat Stansik just relocated to the Left Coast, but he was able to film a new video in his home town for LPG. His new track, Local Celebrity, features Lauren Duski and it’s a hot one! Read More…

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LaxTrack: Jaydee Polo — Severna Park


We were sent this gem today from a Severna Park alum. New female rapper on the scene, Jaydee Polo, dropped her latest track called Severna Park. SP is a suburb of Baltimore and is rich in lacrosse history. The music video showcases the lax team in action this season. Read More…

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Con Bro Chill Kickstarter of Dreams

Con Bro Chill Kickstarter of Dreams

Con Bro Chill needs your support to record new music for a FREE EP and to fund its next ridiculous music video. Why does CBC need you? CBC is asking for you to consider funding the project via kickstarter. CBC always creates amazingly fun videos full of color and excitement. Read More…

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LaxTrack: Das Nibley – Madeon Tribute (Live Mashup)

Screen shot 2013-05-08 at 11.39.24 AM

After making a tribute video for Daft Punk, Das Nibley created a Live Mashup artist tribute video. The video shows Nibley adding/sampling/mashing tracks together and making a sweet mix. Read More…

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LaxTrack: Fortune Family feat. JohnieB – Gravity


The boys are back! Fortune Family just shot over their comeback video and it’s FIRE. It’s been over a year since they released any material and we are really excited with how the new album. Listen to their first single Gravity featuring JohnieB. Read More…

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LaxTrack: Subway Violinists – I Knew You Were Trouble – Rhett Price & Josh Knowles


We normally do not support anything T Swizzle (Taylor Swift), but these two guys in a subway absolutely crush her hit song, I Knew You Were Trouble. Boston violinists Rhett Price and Josh Knowles give their best interpretation of the song. Read More…

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LaxTrack: Jus.teK – Electric Palooza 2 (Live Set)

LaxTrack: Jus.teK - Electric Palooza 2 (Live Set)

DJing at the #1 party school, WVU, definitely has its benefits, although Jus.teK has found it hard lately to take the necessary time to make a proper mix for everyone’s listening pleasure. One of his collaborative gigs he helped promote recently is called Electric Palooza. Read More…

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Lacrosse Player Finds Comfort in Hip-Hop

The men’s lacrosse team may be new to the University of Tampa, but their remarkable debut in 2012 leaves short stick defensive mid-fielder, Mike Tyrrell, rightfully hopeful for a phenomenal second season. Born and raised in Canada, Tyrrell had a huge impact on the relevance of lacrosse back in his hometown of Calgary, Alberta-noting that only “10-15 guys” before him ever pursued post-high school lax careers there. Calgary is a city in Southwestern Canada that lies among the beautiful Rocky Mountains, just north of Montana. Read More…

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LaxTrack: Das Nibley – Treble Damage

Screen shot 2013-03-08 at 3.20.14 PM

We know it’s been awhile, but Das Nibley is back! He has a few new tracks ready that he’s been working on for some time. His portfolio is now updated with one of his new tracks and most recent remixes Read More…

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LaxTrack: Mansions on the Moon – Athens

MOTM Sauce Hockey

It’s no secret we are big fans of Mansions on the Moon. They have graced the LaxTracks once or twice already. Sauce Hockey recently went by their house for an exclusive interview and MOTM played an acoustic performance song “Athens”. It turned out pretty tight so we are showing you guys. Read More…

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