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BAD SPORTS Episode 2: The Original Lacrosstitute

BAD SPORTS Episode 2: The Original Lacrosstitute

This episode, much like the inaugural, is pretty unique to lacrosse. However, Episode 2 is racy as all get-out. That said, we are going to refrain from describing what ensues. Read More…

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Bad Sports with Miles Fisher is an Unbridled Comedic Show about Lacrosse Burnouts

Bad Sports with Miles Fisher is an Unbridled Comedic Show about Lacrosse Burnouts

Let’s set the stage. Miles Fisher stars as Chad Whipple, a 20-something burnout who owns and operates a sports show from his mom’s basement. The location is somewhere in the DC area and Whipple certainly has an innate grasp of the area’s sports culture. Read More…

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New Web Series Entirely Dedicated to Lacrosse Lifestyle Starring Miles Fisher

BAD SPORTS: The Dankest Sports Web Series Talk Show

Miles Fisher plays Chad Whipple, a laxrat who hosts a sports show from his mom’s basement. His segments include, but are not limited to friends stopping by for a chat and a Natty Light. Read More…

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Sony Playstation 4


Set to drop in November, The Sony Playstation 4 is already turning heads. Features iclude, but are not limited to connected gaming, powerful graphics and speed, intelligent personalization, deeply integrated social capabilities, and innovative second-screen features. Stay tuned for more info.

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Join Epoch and Lacrosse Playground for the Official Kick-Off to Championship Weekend


Friday, May 24, Epoch Lacrosse and Lacrosse Playground will be hosting our annual Championship Weekend bash. Last year we had a great time in Boston and we are looking to do the same thing this year in Philly. We will be hosting the party at Fieldhouse Sports & Bar Hall downtown Philly near the Convention Center. Read More…

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Donnie Does Girls Lacrosse in Shanghai


This might be the funniest video you will see all day! The video features Boston native, Donald Mahoney. Mahoney’s video series, “Donnie Does China”, documents this humble man’s journey as he tries to work his way out of communist China and return to his native Massachusetts. He recently coached the Shanghai women’s lacrosse team. Read More…

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10 Reasons Why Women Love Lacrosse Players


It has been a little more than two years now that I’ve been submitting articles for, crazy huh? My first article, “10 Reasons Why Babes Love Lax Bros” was the most read article on the site in 2011! In the last two years, I have spent a majority of my time around, analyzing, and even dating a lacrosse players… I certainly take my position here seriously at Lax Playground. So, I only found it fitting to redraft this article with my new found results. Read More…

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The Hangover Part III Official Trailer


The wolfpack is back! The Hangover Part III trailer hit the web yesterday and it takes it back to where it all began, Vegas. Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms and Zach Galifanakis will be closing out the comedy trilogy and it is sure to be the best one yet. Read More…

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TSA To Allow Lacrosse Sticks on Airplanes Starting April 25th


Lacrosse players have traditionally had a tough time traveling with equipment especially on airplanes. The shafts are not only long and awkward to pack and stow, but they are high grade metal. A six foot titanium pole won’t logically make it through security without being flagged as a potentially deadly weapon…until now. Read More…

Entourage Movie Gets Greenlight From Warner Brothers


It’s finally official, Vinny got the movie! After concluding 8 successful seasons on HBO, the hit TV series, Entourage, will become a movie. The movie will be written and directed by creator, Doug Ellin. Will the feature film include the same cast from the comedy-drama series? Read More…

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