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Team Zebra Clear Cascade Pro7s

It was as if time stood still when LXM PRO introduced the clear Cascade Pro7s in their first event in Orange County. Zebra Apparel will be stocking their summer team with clear helmets as well.

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New Styles From Zebra Apparel

Zebra just finished up new styles for May and they look fresh. All of these shorts are made from Zebra’s super soft sanded microfiber. The shorts include 3″ wide white side insert, 2″ covered waistband and 7″ inseam with two side seam pockets. Of course the Zebra logo is embroidered on right side.

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Goals For Good Uniforms With Video

Goals for Good: Gents against Alzheimers, is getting poppin this saturday night at the Georgetown University field. Here are the jerseys the guys will be sporting.

Zebra Lacrosse Introduces New Shorts

LPG has brought you Zebra Apparel in the past and now we are presenting you more of their sweet shorts. Zebra, however, does more than shorts. They sell team reversibles, team shooting shirts, and girl sizes. Zebra prides itself on functionality and style.

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Zebra Apparel: Grateful Dead Shorts

The Grateful Dead was known for its unique fusing of different musical elements and providing an eclectic atmosphere for fans . Their fans, known as “Deadheads”, followed the band around the country draped in tie-dye clothing. Zebra Apparel has released new microfiber shorts that pay homage to the great American rock band.

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Zebra Apparel: New Additions

In August, LPG introduced you to Zebra Apparel. Zebra recently disclosed some new styles on their site. With their signature zebra head on the side, the new colorways are sure to impress. The super soft sanded microfiber shorts follow in typical Zebra fashion: animated and tranquil. Check out the new shorts after the jump.

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Zebra Apparel Unveils New Shorts

Today, Zebra Apparel unveiled their new line of vibrant colorways. Zebra’s super soft sanded microfiber shorts are offered in a variety of new patterns and designs such as paisley, argyle, gingham and houndstooth to name a few.

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