Last night we received a tip on Twitter from @CrCox10 that San Diego Chargers running back Ronnie Brown was wearing Nike Huarache 3 Lax Cleats. We turned to the NFL Network to confirm and he in fact was wearing lacrosse cleats. The Chargers running back has been spotted wearing a wide variety of Nike cleats throughout the season such as the Nike Vapor Talon Elite and Nike Alpha Speed. Although these cleats are superb the Huarache 3 Lacrosse Cleats offer a little more.

The cleat features a lightweight synthetic leather upper with forefoot strap for support and fit unlike the other cleats. The Huarache 3 is also designed for middies that like to cut and dodge much like players at the running back position. Sidewall shovel cleats enable quicker, strong edge movements.

San Diego Chargers running back Ronnie Brown motions for a first down

Last year we saw Heisman Trophy winner Mark Ingram wearing Warrior Burn 5.0s. Could more athletes (outside of lacrosse) be turning to lacrosse equipment such as footwear and padding?