HeadWrapz became familiar with this wonderful charity, Christmas Magic, last year. Christmas Magic specializes in sheltering and assisting displaced and/or homeless children and their families especially around the holidays. HeadWrapz has stepped up to design custom decals in support of the cause.

We spent some time to see how they work and what they do. We walked into an enormous facility FILLED FLOOR TO CEILING with gifts for tons of kids! It was great. We hung out and wrapped presents all day then watched as trucks, cars, moving vans and trucks were filled with gifts to bring to kids all over the New York and Long Island area. Truly a magical group of people who realize the power that can be done when energy and effort are aimed at others in need. — HeadWrapz

HeadWrapz is happy to be a part of their family and were thrilled to be able to design these HeadWrapz for such a great cause. Please check out their website and donate if you can – or stop down and help them wrap some presents. Website – http://www.holidaymagicli.org/

These custom Christmas Magic HeadWrapzTM Decals are available at Port Jeff Sports – contact [email protected] to order yours today. Remember you can contact [email protected] today to get your team order placed in plenty of time for this season.