• Lance Gibson


  • AndrewAriz

    How do you dye it to make it look chrome like this??

  • Lacrosse Playground

    It’s a chrome coating. Not dyed. Maybe our resident stick doctor Max McCool can give it a shot!

  • smitty

    No chance! This technology should be available by this fall! Stay tuned

  • Max McCool

    Yeah, I appreciate that, but I’ve thought about this one long and hard and there’s no way I could pull off the full chrome.

  • dude

    Since STX is partnered with Nike, Nike is doing all their chrome heads. It’s the same thing as the NFL and NCAA players chrome bottoms on their cleats.

  • Dan Finnegan

    Is there a way you can dye a head like this?

  • Uberkewl

    spray-paint with a few layers of automotive clear-coat