The makers of the College Lacrosse 2010 video game for Xbox Live have given lacrosse fans a first look at graphics for the game by posting them on their Facebook page. You can see all eight screen shots they’ve released so far on their Facebook page at:

What are everyone’s thoughts so far? Thumbs up? Thumbs down? Let us know below what you think of the graphics.

  1. i realize this is an indie game with little to no budgeting but it seems all wrong… i’m just waiting for EA to make a lax game.. this looks like it will have way too many bugs.. we’ll see though

  2. It’s for Xbox 360 and it looks like crap, even for 400 ms points. I can only hope that someone takes a read whack at making a legit game.

    Why call it College Lacrosse when you cannot use college names? D-U-M-M : dumb! If you are not going to fork over licensing fees to NCAA, just call it Crappy Graphics Lacrosse 2010!

  3. ok genius lacrosse players, apparently a lot of you aren’t that bright since its been this long since any sort of lacrosse game has come out since blast lacrosse for ps2. if you were a bright bunch of bros you would have figured out a better solution awhile ago. but instead of being happy someone is trying you are saying its crap and looks bad. have you tried to program? can you program? If you can get on it and see how hard it is. oh whats that? nothing to say? i didn’t think so.

  4. for J….. how about you fork over the money for the licensing? do you know how much it will cost? A lot of friggin money! I believe they have editable team names so you can play with whoever you want.

  5. What a surprise, SNOB lacrosse players whining and bitching about anything they can!

    This game is sick. Great FIRST step in a road to a full blown $60 dollar lacrosse video game.

  6. i don’t see why EA didn’t do this right off the bat these graphics are terrible and if its college lacrosse why are the teams New York, Denver, Toronto, etc.

  7. oh i played this game 10 years ago on the 1st playstation and it sucked then and it sucks now if this game is more than $5 idk why anyone would buy it. it looks like it was made by a gameboy for a gameboy

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