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The college recruiting process for high school lacrosse players just got a lot easier. CollegeLacrosseCoaches.com launched this week, offering all the important recruiting and admissions information families need to manage a proactive recruiting process. (www.CollegeLacrosseCoaches.com)

The mission of CollegeLacrosseCoaches.com is simple – They want to make it easier to build relationships with college coaches through respectful and proactive email, phone and mailing communication. They accomplish this by providing three different databases for purchase:

· Men’s College Coaches Database: Access to over 1,100 NCAA & MCLA college coaches

· Women’s Coaches Database: Access to over 750 women’s NCAA college coaches

· Admissions Info Database: Access to SAT Scores, acceptance rates and enrollment statistics for over 1,000 colleges and universities

Founded by former college athletes who’ve been through the recruiting process before, CollegeLacrosseCoaches.com has networked at the major camps and tournaments, and searched every college lacrosse website in the country to collect all the information families need to kick-start their recruiting process. They’ve also compiled sample recruiting emails that families can use when contacting coaches.

“This was the biggest no-brainer of my entire recruiting process,” remarked a satisfied user.

With CollegeLacrosseCoaches.com, families going through the recruiting process typically see athletics as a means to accomplish one of three outcomes: play at the highest level of competition, gain admittance to a better academic school, or receive scholarship or financial support.

There are approximately ten million high school athletes, and 440,000 NCAA roster spots. That means less than 5% of high school athletes go on to compete at the NCAA level. Less than .05% of high school athletes go on to play professionally.

The #1 myth of NCAA recruiting is that college coaches will find talented athletes no matter where they live. In fact, college coaches surveyed responded the exact opposite. Coaches consistently stated that proactive outreach by the student-athlete is the most important aspect of the recruiting process.

Service plans are available at www.CollegeLacrosseCoaches.com starting at just $24.99.

About CollegeLacrosseCoaches.com

CollegeLacrosseCoaches.com makes it easier to build relationships with college coaches through respectful and proactive communication tools. Founded in August of 2011, the company’s mission is to make it easier for families going through the college recruiting process. For more information, please visit www.CollegeLacrosseCoaches.com or email [email protected]