Connor Wilson uploads his latest piece of work: UNC dye job. Connor dyed the Carolina inspired heads (2 STX 2010 Proton Power heads) for current players Gavin Petracca and Sean DeLaney.

I settled on dyeing the heads blue and then pulling a fade back to Carolina blue by tossing the heads into some dye remover. We’ve got lots of white triangles as well as disappearing blue triangles on GP’s bottom-up fade wand. For Sean, I faded top-down and threw on some racing stripes, a lot of UNC love and some dark on light dye tactics. I used a new kind of tape (that I won’t be using again) and it isn’t as good as some of the stuff I’ve used in the past. Thin artist tape is the BEST but Staples was out the last time I went.

View the full process and more photos at LAS.