Cornell’s Brad Kamedulski is already in Baltimore for the FInal Four this weekend, but has other things bouncing around in his head.

Check out his splatter die job and follow along below. He needs a little help figuring out what kind of mesh, strings, and colors will work well on his new head.

So when I found out about these new stick rules and how all my old heads were currently illegal, I decided to have a little fun with them, since they were basically no more than sweet summer lax heads. I had this white proton power laying around my room and just committed to playing for team 21 in Vail, so I put two and two together and decided to make my nice summer stick.

I went with the black base with red and white splatter because it seemed classy and original. Threw a little “BK 18” up top and created the splatter with some nice hot glue gun all over. It turned out pretty well except I’m sure there is still some little black glue pieces stuck to it. It’s really hard and annoying to get those things off but once you do it’s definitely worth it.

Still deciding on the mesh component and am currently considering just plane white mesh with some legit red sidewalls and shooters. If anyone has any great ideas don’t be afraid to send me a quick tweet at @bk_unoocho and let me know what ur thinking

You can tweet him or leave a comment below.

  • MJGialanella

    A couple ideas…

    Black mesh, red shooters, white sidewall/top lace or black toplace with white sidewall


    Red mesh, white shooters, black sidewall toplace

    I lean to the red mesh scheme.

  • stussy

    Not sure why, but I think Neon Green mesh with White shooters would look nice.

  • tucker

    straight up white mesh, white shooters, white sidewall/toplace

  • pete j

    i actually think all white would look dirty with this

  • Alex

    I always go white mesh. Can’t go wrong. Mis it up a bit with the sidewalls and laces though.

  • taylor

    get some neon green sidewalls and topstrings in there

  • Jason

    white mesh, red sidewall/top, white shooters.

  • Tom

    white everything. thats all i got to say. it makes the colors of the head pop. i say one straight shooter, one nylon and a “v”. keep it all white. itll make the head look so much sicker.

  • flowmotion

    definitely just stick with the white mesh and red shooters/sidewall

  • pick me

    go with a red and black tri-top, red and black weaved nylon, white mesh, black side walls, and red shooters