Crooked Arrows released another snippet from the upcoming movie and it includes big time names in the scene. Gait, Desko, Starsia, and more line up and down the sideline as they watch the “Big Game.” This scene is said to be the culminating factor in the movie.

The video included a few lines about the movie and the scene:

The Crooked Arrows Movie not only represents the great sport of lacrosse, but the rich Native American history and culture behind it. Check out some incredible scenes and interviews from the “Big Game” shoot, the biggest and most important scene in the movie. Thank you all for the support, and we cannot wait to share this movie and lacrosse with the entire world.

Brown’s Lars Tiffany stole the show form this clip by saying, “Thank goodness it didn’t stop with American Pie.”

  • Babsonlacrosse

    Looks like a great movie, where did they film that scene, looks familair

    • guest

      Saint John’s Prep in Danvers, MA.