If you haven’t heard of Miles Fisher, then you must live under a rock.  The young and talented thespian  has been on the scene for well over a year now.  The Texas native has appeared on the big screen in the films Gods and Generals and Superhero Movie! Fisher has also acted in Mad Men, The Cleaner, and Gossip Girl.

miles fisher

Fisher honed his skills by crankin’ it up on the lax field at St. Albans School in sunny Washington, DC.  And accordingly, his knack for poke checking and ripping nets on Satterlee-Henderson Field propelled him to greatness at Harvard.  The Club baller finished his collegiate career by giving the Harvard commencement speech.  That’s G baby.

His hair, alone, is enough for a star on the Walk of Fame.  Word for the wise – great flow equates to feasting on Lydia Hearst as Patrick Bateman.

Miles Fisher – This Must Be the Place

Miles Fisher on E!

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