Towson’s Will Harrington knows style and now he’s giving you a dose of some by displaying his custom Under Armour cleats.

The cleats are designed using paint marker and are then treated. The treatment is important so the paint doesn’t fade.

As you peruse the pictures you can tell that the design changes as it works its way around the shoe.

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  • matsy

    These are filthy dope…who did these?!

  • Taylor

    these things are weak looking, looks like a first grader made them.

  • 412 Lax

    Looks like a rattlesnake took a s**t on them

  • Nabeel

    F***ing awesome will

  • aj

    why is there a nike swoosh on the toe if they are UA shoes…?

    look sick though

  • Chowder

    What UA cleats actually are these?

  • Sarah Palmer

    These were done with paint sticks so unfortunately, the lines aren’t as clean. I’m working with some new designs and logos so hopefully there are many more shoes (footwear, accessories etc.) to come.