I got the idea from my buddy who works for Universal Lacrosse up in NJ. They make lacrosse shorts with the Deadmau5 DJ on them and the first time I saw them I decided I was going to dye a head.

The shorts on the website had a YouTube video of him performing and I liked the look of the stage and decided to go with a 3D stairs look on the head. Here is the final result.

This dye took some thought in order to get the pattern correct. I pretty much had to place only the squares first as well as some of the graphics. I used a standard parallelogram to make the space the same between all. After the Red was done I went back, added some more graphics and started adding the standard size parallelograms to all the squares. To clarify, every piece was cut out by hand.

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Matt Hickman graduated from Georgetown Prep (’04) and then went on to star at Salisbury University (’08). He now runs King Dyes ([email protected]) while also working for Performance Lacrosse Training in Bethesda, Md.