CHEE Clothing was founded in 2012 by the creators of “Laxtitutes,” a Facebook page serving the lacrosse community throughout the world. CHEE sells clothing that reflects the current trends in lacrosse apparel designed for fans of all ages. Their clothing is different than your mainstream lacrosse companies because they create for the fans of the lacrosse culture. This week they are asking for your help. CHEE wants LPG readers to design their first ever tank top. The winner’s design will be chosen to represent the CHEE clothing brand as well as win free swag for you and your friends.

Rules and Guidelines
– Contestant must be a fan of both the Lacrosse Playground Fan Page and Laxtitutes Fan Page.
– Use the blank template shown above for your design. Click here for a larger version.
– Design within the boundaries of the actual shirt. You can design on both sides.
– No lewd or inappropriate designs.
– One design per person.
– Design must be submitted on the Lacrosse Playground Fan Page or emailed to [email protected]
– Two rounds of competition. First round of designs will be decided by CHEE and LPG (Wednesday, Midnight EST). The second and final round will be decided by you, the people (Thursday, Midnight EST).
– Winning design will be embellished on CHEE Clothing’s first ever tank top. Winner will also win him/her and his/her friends free apparel.

Contest ends Thursday night. Good Luck!!!

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