LPG is proud to introduce a special guest blogger to you all. Michael McWilliams from digz Apparel, in a 5 part series, will be writing about digz new apparel, lifestyle and its mission.

In August of last year, we were approached by the University of Florida’s men’s lacrosse team about producing a custom short. They expressed interest in a demo we were developing at the time that combined the comfort and technical fabric of today’s modern board shorts with the versatility of an all-around walk-short. After a few tweaks, we arrived at the Team Short. We ended up outfitting not only the Gators, but the Gonzaga College High School (Washingotn, D.C.) and the Menlo School (Atherton, CA) programs for the 2011 season. The players were kind enough to provide us feedback on the shorts throughout the season, which we integrated into an optimized, battle-tested design that’s now available to you at our online store.

Visit www.digz.com for more info.

  • Emwebb2002

    Is it just me or does the Digz site not allow you to view the products in order to purchase them?