Dirty Jersey Dragonflies has existed for 4 years now as a summer/fallball team. Everyone on the team is d1 and d3 guys. They decided to go with something real out there this summer but with a theme. They decided to pay homage to the state they love, New Jersey. Alex Rosen designed the lacrosse shorts in unison with Detroit Lax to render a final mockup.

The team wanted to show off the historic people and places in NJ. Outsiders like to give Jersey a hard time but after a quick look at the shorts they realize how influential the citizens, political officials and pop culture icons are in the makeup of the state. You can see Bruce Springsteen, The Sopranos, Governor Christie, the Jersey Shore house and Giants stadium to name a few. Team member Alex Rosen states in response to how New Jersey will recover after Hurricane Sandy:

Growing up in NJ breeds a certain type of ego. There’s a mentality of being strong, better than everyone else, and proving yourself. Sandy has been hard on everyone, and has taken everything away from some people. I have faith in our communities and the strong bonds we share will allow us to get through this. There isn’t a question of how, but when the shore and communities will be rebuilt, back better than ever. Getting through struggles is in our blood, after all we are Jersey Strong.

Stay tuned for more developments on the Dirty Jersey Dragonflies and their relief efforts in the wake of Superstorm Sandy.

  • oldschoollax

    Are they going to sell these for sandy relief? These are awesome. Well done!