While this new design has just left you speechless, with nothing more to say than, Ditto Dude, yeah, I can just read your mind, it just so happens to be the next best thing out there in the lacrosse community.  In fact, it’s more than just clothing, more than just lacrosse, it’s a total lifestyle for everyone to embrace fully.  HeadWrapz obviously did a tremendous job executing this latest design, but they also captured the whole lifestyle and demeanor that Ditto Dude is going for.  Ditto Dude is sports apparel with attitude and personality that is unique.  Of course, this wouldn’t be complete without a couple more shots of the helmet to ensure everyone gets the full effect!

This truly is a one-of-a-kind lid, and if you want to know more about this lifestyle in order to embrace it, make sure to check out their Facebook page here and their website as well.

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  • Bob

    what kind of helmet is that?

  • It’s a Pro 7 from Cascade.