Doritos has recently announced that they will be carrying out a contest for the most creative and original 30 second ad for Super Bowl XLIV. The instructions include putting together an idea for a Doritos® brand Super Bowl XLIV commercial, write it, shoot it and submit it. Michael Doneger, former Hopkins standout, has submitted a video for the contest and is looking to cash in with “Dividing The Assets”.

The 30 second commercial, “Dividing The Assets”, is not only funny, but original. A couple is trying to settle disputes with their lawyers to ultimately decide on who retains items from their marriage.

If the commercial makes it as one of the six finalists Mike has a chance to win $25,000. Then, if America votes it in as one of the Top 3 submissions, the video will be aired as a Doritos® brand commercial during Super Bowl XLIV.

But that’s not it. If he gets first place on the USA Today Ad Meter, he’ll receive $1,000,000. Second wins $600,000, and third wins $400,000.

Keep an eye out for Michael Donegers commercial in the New Year and make sure to vote.

Check out Doritos to view the other submissions.

  • ques

    hahaha…great commercial. whos the hottie

  • C money

    haha thats legit