• sick

    sick guys, anyone can throw high hits and pushes from behind…

    • chee-ness

      Great Win…vs Hood. Those Mustangs look REAL tough.

  • Tim

    I have never seen so many cheap and illegal hits in one highlight reel. Ugly and shameful for non D. I players.

  • dirty

    nice highlight reel of cheap shots… I didn’t see one clean hit, classy program… thats why they will never be more then a paper champion

  • curt ferg

    sooooo much hate. please post your videos so we can watch them. oh wait. nobody makes videos about you because nobody cares about you… any of you.

  • kstegs

    Glad I got to see how cheap Stevenson plays. And the worse part they are doing it to lower teams. I could see some cheap shots in a tough game where emotions get heated…but when you are playing a lower level team there is NO reason for that.

  • YungDuck

    so much swag. not even that big of a lax fan