What’s up my lax peoples? Are you a handy dude? Because I’m a pretty handy dude. In fact, I’m so handy that I use duct (duck?) tape on a daily basis. From taping over the holes that lax balls have made in my walls to putting together some wicked wizard sticks, I’m the Sultan of sticky.

Imagine my surprise when I stumbled across some of this Tar Heel tape:

And then even more so when I found out that they make this stuff in the War Eagle variety:

Also note the Rock Chalk, FSU and DUCKS varieties:

The big question is: what would [h2]YOU[/h2] do with this duct tape, if you had it? I think we can all assume that we’re talking about using this sweet tape to add some swag to gear. Sound off in the comments below, the answer with the most likes gets his or her choice of a roll of college duct tape.