OG dyers and young guns alike, click here to enter the inaugural Dyers Cup. Below are the judges, rules, and prizes.

The Three Judges


Matt Gibson, New York Lizards (@itsmattgibson)

Max McCool, OG Dyer

Max McCool, OG Dyer (@mccooldyeshop)


Popular Vote

The rules are simple:

  • Enter here by 3/13/16 (11:59pm EST)
  • Matt and Max will narrow the field at their discretion. The votes will impact their decision, but will not be the only factor. Think of the voting as a tie-breaker between the judges. Decision will be made by 3/26/16 (11:59pm EST).
  • Finalist dyers will create a new head according to the judges instructions. We’ll give two weeks to complete.
  • Judges + popular vote chooses a winner

Prizes include:

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