We received a pack of the limited Breast Cancer Awareness mesh line from East Coast Dyes this week, and had to do something special to string it up.  Decided to go with a two-tone Huron-esque drop-topstring to give it a super fast yet stylish release.  Intended to be a box stick with a quick shot, I strung the pocket lower than I usually do to keep it in the narrower throat of the head.  With the lowered topstring and the tight sidewalls, the ball comes out swiftly and super smoothly.  It’s a fun change of pace from always playing with a really high traditional pocket.


The topstring was done by knotting the two string together behind the interlock on the leather hole.  As you can see from the mesh close up, the ECD mesh is actually woven together as colored mesh, leaving a cool pattern that won’t bleed.

East Coast Mesh is donating 20% of every purchase of this limited edition mesh line to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.  To get some for yourself, head to the Breast Cancer Awareness line section of the ECD website.

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