Elite Motion Coach had over 50 kids attend “Secrets of Scoring” Clinic this past weekend in Millersville, MD. The slow motion video technology was used to break down John Grant Jr’s shot.

John showed the kids on the slow motion monitor his technique on shooting in close. John also did a lot of one on one coaching and drills with kids on how to score in close. Check out the video from the clinic below.

  • taz

    The clinic was alot of fun
    John showed the kids how to use the body to protect the stick in close
    John is an excellent scorer in close because he doesnt waste time with spin moves around the crease
    He showed the kids that a quick release in close is just as important as a time and room crank shot
    Defensemen are too fast with slides and too good with trail checks
    The Canadian invasion is here
    It is about time someone starting coaching the backhand seriously
    Its not just a trick shot or hot dog move
    My guess is alot of coaches in Severna Park will be talking about the backhand…one way or the other

  • mick

    Very Cool! When are you guys coming to the Midwest?!

  • taz

    where in the Midwest?
    We are thinking about Univ of Denver as location for next clinic

  • anthony

    come to southern california. please its growing out here and we need more clincis pleaseee 🙂 and i wanna meet john he is us to beasty up closee