Going in to Fall Ball you probably don’t want to buy a new pair of gloves or maybe your coach won’t supply you with a new pair. You’re gloves are most likely worn in pretty bad and you may even have holes in the palms of your glove. Here is a solution that is cost effective and will extend the life of your gloves, new or old. Glove$avers from EVESPEED SPORTS are self-adhesive patches that are a quick fix to stay in the game longer.

Protect Your Investment! Extend the life of your New or Worn Gloves and Use as a Quick Fix to Stay IN the Game. . .

· Lightweight, players say they can’t even tell they are on the glove – except that it doesn’t wear through with all those turns of the shaft.

· Apply to New Lax Gloves and notice how much longer they last! Glove$averz greatly extend the life of a new glove. Case studies of high school players show 2 additional lacrosse seasons with Glove$averz and still, no holes! Ready for the 3rd season to start!

· Apply to Worn Gloves as a Quick Fix to keep you IN the Game! Also available in a Coach’s 5-pack to use as a quick repair on the sidelines and keep players on the field where they belong!

· Easy to adhere, the Glove$averz are self-adhesive for quick positioning. They are packaged with Super Glue to seal the edges after applying, and to re-seal the edges if they start to lift.

· The Savings and Durability are unmatched. Why buy new lax gloves when you can make yours last longer? And when you do buy New, protect your investment and make them last longer with Glove$averz!

Save $$ and keep your gloves longer with Glove$averz!

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