Later today (actually, in an hour) the men’s action at the Ocean City Lacrosse Classic kicks off in Ocean City, MD. Team Lacrosse Playground is up early for our 8 a.m. game, but we also have an exclusive look at Team Stickhead/Pro Athletics uniforms below. The team created a shooter shirt/reversible/short combo for the tournament.

The team in OC is a sponsorship partnership between Stickhead, a lacrosse retailer with several locations, and Pro Athletics, a California-based uniform/apparel company. The uniform brings out elements from the 1980’s classic move Tron, which is about a hacker who is trapped in a world of video games and has to play his way out of the dilemma

The uniform features a circuitry pattern throughout, which includes elements of the Stickhead logo throughout the pattern. On the back of the uniform the number is surrounded by a circle, which represents the light disc, a weapon the character in the movie used.

You’ll also find custom piping down the side of the uniform and the light cycle, which is in one of the games in the film. The unis are high quality, as the team opted for a heavier, but still breathable, uniform for the tournament so the uniforms would last longer. The high quality continues in the team’s shorts, which are double ply.