Custom team gear will hit the field soon and today we have some more looks at some of the gloves club teams will be wearing. Below are some of the looks that Syracuse and Maryland’s club lacrosse teams will be wearing this spring. Syracuse players will be sporting the Brine King II, Shakedown, Thriller, and Silo gloves, while Maryland will be wearing the Brine Shakedown and Thriller gloves.

Brine King II

Brine Shakedown

Brine Thriller

Brine Silo

Brine Shakedown

Brine Thriller

  • owen

    these are nice and everything but it sucks for the kids who play club because they actually have to pay for all them. like if i were playing club for cuse i would just get the shakedowns

  • Cam

    terp thrillers are dope

  • Brantford

    Those maryland thrillers are filthy… the only use gloves im not diggin are the silos… too much going on.

  • Reuty

    Those terp thrillers are retarted as shit wtf you kids talkin about