no farting

College Humor recently produced a video called “Gay Men Will Marry Your Girlfriends.” The video is a proposal for equal rights. It’s comical and pertinent. Homosexual men can’t legally marry on a national level, so they pose a threat to stealing straight guys’ chicas. One says, “We love going to the gym, and you know who else loves going to the gym? Your girlfriend. We’ll go to the gym with her, and afterwards we’ll get Pinkberry as a reward.”

The reactionary video, however, is hilarious. Straight men respond to the aforementioned video with, “We want you guys to be able to marry each other, we’re pulling for ya, we really are. But in the meantime, feel free to marry our girlfriends. Just know… that we warned you.”

All of this just reminds me of a post I did early last year by Bernie Hatefield Productions. My writing skills have really been lacking lately. Here’s an excerpt from last year:

This time he’s struggling with his girlfriend cutting the cheese. We’ve all been there right? Sike. I obviously haven’t. I date perfect TENS with perfect TEN lives and perfect TEN occupations with perfect TEN families.

As soon as my girlfriend farts, you can have her bro.