• Guest

    Mike Gurenlian- didn’t you go 5/13 (38%) in the CSAC playoffs. Your overall numbers are good but when it counted you let Strain be the big game guy. Your over the head does work but I would be careful with the belittling of the CSAC

  • guest

    while strain was a quick fast player, Mike was a more fundamentally sound FOGO

  • Ajcolaizzi

    yo honestly whered you find so many new looking OG blades, theyre real nice, id be interested in buying one

  • Krieg

    Physiology? I hope he meant phyics…

  • anonymous

    they’re the same thing, either one is correct. they both are the study of nature. physics is more for understanding the universe and how it behaves, while physiology is more for understanding the study of the functions in living systems, such as organs, muscles, cells etc.

    • Greg Beast

      As an exercise physiology major I meant physiology Krieg. Or more specifically let’s say biomechanics in this situation. Obviously stuck on the couch for now I couldn’t fully demonstrate but I tried my best guys. And “guest”. Don’t be offended by mikey’s comment about the csac he was obviously just kidding around bud.