Headwrapz produced a new helmet wrap for a team out of Long Island, For The Love Of The Game (FLG). FLG wanted to create an over-sized image of their logo on the side because their logo closely summarizes what the program is all about.

FLG started this summer program because we love lacrosse, want to spread the game, teach kids the game the right way, and help them get into the right college. The For the Love of the Game organization has three goals in mind:

Get our athletes into the right college, teach our athletes to compete with respect for themselves, their peers, and their family, as well as spread the game of lacrosse around Long Island and eventually the rest of the world through our Lax4All program. Using lacrosse as a tool to build more than just athletes, we will better prepare our student/athletes in all phases of life.

They put FLG on the top because a lot of people refer to the program using those letters. The splatter paint has no significance, but it enhances the attractiveness of the wrap and is an added cool factor. Also, the colors of the program are Navy, Carolina, and White.

Visit 4theloveofthegame.org for more info on the team.


    ask FLG how much they charge for their program and then see if it is really for the love of the game or if it is REALLY for the love of the MONEY!

    • Winkylax

      pays for the quality coaches to coach the kids in the game of lacrosse…. they help students get into college……

      • 91lax

        so all the money you charge goes to the coaches and not in you pocket … lol

        • Lax4love

          91 is horrible! Maybe cheaper , but all they care about is money and booze- and the coaches and most parents only care about boozing it up —sorry!

          It’s not a good place for kids

      • 91lax

        so all the money you charge goes to the coaches and not in you pocket … lol

    • Lilax

      You’re paying to be more than a number with the likes of Express. With 1 team per age group kids receive the attention and coaching they need in order to thrive in the competitive lacrosse world these days. 

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  • number 1 team in the country swag this is so sick