The 21st Annual Lake Tahoe Lacrosse Tournament finished up today, wrapping up easily one of the best weekends of the summer. The tournament featured 28 men’s teams from all over the country, most of which were based out of the West Coast. Great people, great lacrosse, free beer and a coinciding women’s tournament makes Tahoe one unbeatable combination.

West Sunset comprised mostly of Saint Ignatius alumni.

Dub C tops

UVA middie, Rob Emery-West Sunset.

Team Tribe groupies…even if they lost they were always winning with this crowd.

Team Tribe post-lost tunnel.

MVP of the tourney…the man who passed out free beer all weekend. Legendary pony tail.

NW Nirvana with the classy tuxedo jerseys.

NW Nirvana bunny suit…This was the best get up of the tourney.

Team Bigfoot


Team Golden Gate

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