The Rabil head by Warrior Lacrosse provides the signature power, speed, and accuracy from the most recognizable player in the world, Paul Rabil.

True to his game, Paul Rabil’s partnership with Warrior has created the most technologically advanced head yet. Every aspect and feature on the head was designed solely by Rabil himself. Further, the head features maximum TruOffset for increased pocket depth and harder shots. The narrow faceshape delivers superior accuracy for shooting and passing. Moreover, it comes standard with the custom-like color pops of 2Shot technology, and it’s ready for play at all levels. We put it through the Gear Review process below.

This particular Rabil head features Rabil’s high school colors, so we included an additional prop to give homage to his alma mater. Go to the Lacrosse Playground Facebook Page to look at all of the pictures.


Equipment Test & Evaluation

Evaluator Bio
Player: Patrick H.
Age: 21
Position: Middie/Attack

Current Testing Configuration
Warrior Rabil
Current (Make/Model): Head
Test (Make/Model): Rabil

Equipment Evaluation & Review (Best possible score is 10)

10 out of 10
Notes: When this head was first introduced to the market everyone thought it was just a ripoff of the Brine Clutch, but it’s not. It’s so much better than the Clutch. It has better depth in the middle of the head that makes it easier to cradle the ball. It’s also more pinched in the middle and feels stronger. The colorful inserts make it cool too.


10 out of 10
Notes: The head is pretty light. It’s a long head with a lot going on within the sidewall configuration, but I guess the inserts are made from a superior material that makes the sidewall even lighter when compared to other heads. I haven’t played with it in a game yet, so I’m unsure about how strong it actually is.

8 out of 10
Notes: As soon as I held the Rabil head I gave it a good squeeze. I always squeeze my heads to decipher how strong it is. This head made a loud crackling sound, which makes me think it’s not as strong as I had hoped. With that in mind, I wouldn’t recommend this head for a face-off man.


Lasting Impressions

It’s a monster! I strung this stick for power and that’s exactly what I get with it. It’s easy to string the stick for a high, mid, or low pocket. Kiss your shoulders and break your wrists.

Go to the Lacrosse Playground Facebook Page to look at all of the pictures.

  1. The crackling sound is because of the sidewall inserts. It was the same way with the clutch 2/clutch 2x. You’re supposed to flex the head in various areas to let the individual sidewall inserts settle in, which is where the cracking sound comes from

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