Yesterday we showed you what gloves Duke lacrosse has to choose from for next spring. Today it’s Georgetown’s turn. Below you’ll find the Brine glove mock-ups for the Hoyas. Georgetown has 11 to choose from.

The Brine Shakedown glove options include one dark glove in navy blue and gray, one lighter option that is white with navy detail, and one mostly gray glove with navy detail. The options for Brine’s Vengeance include one with navy print and white detailing, one with navy print and white and gray detailing, one with gray print and navy blue detailing, and one with navy print and gray detailing.

Finally, Georgetown has three options to choose from of the Brine Thriller glove, including a white and navy print with white detailing across the top of the glove (with a gray cuff), white and navy print with navy detailing across the top of the glove (also with a gray cuff), and one glove with a navy blue and gray print with navy detailing across the top and a navy cuff.

Georgetown won’t be wearing all of these next spring, but they will end up with some. Comment below and let us know what you think of Georgetown’s glove options. Which do you like best? And stay tuned to to learn which final versions Georgetown will wear next spring.

Brine Shakedown



Brine Vengeance




Brine Thriller




  1. reservoir rd says:

    Man I kinda like them all cept for the Vengeance. Def white/navy thrillers and the dark shakedowns for sure tho…

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