As the Germany U19 team prepares for the World Lacrosse Championships in Finland, we take a look at their custom Brine King III gloves. The gloves encompass a colorway (Black/Red/Gold) holding true to the national colors of Germany as well as the flag. The glove, also, has a few subtle features that are of grave importance to the growth of the sport in Germany.

Brine King III Gloves Atop German Flag

As you can see, there is a Green logo displayed on the cuff. German Oaks sponsored the team and the team’s General Manager, Jan van Eijkelenburg, decided they should get their logo on the gloves as a sign of their appreciation. German Oaks is a non-profit organization of first-generation born players with the mission to support the growth of lacrosse in Germany and Europe through financial help for new teams. Contact [email protected] for more information on how you can contribute.

The King III Lacrosse Glove has been one of the most recognized and trusted lacrosse gloves on the lacrosse field for years, and rightfully so. With its new design focusing heavily on back hand support and ventilation around the knuckles, the Brine King III Lacrosse Glove allows for maximum airflow and protection from slashes taken to the backhand. To keep you one with your stick, the King III offers increased mesh inserts in the palm area to keep your hands dry and on your stick for critical moments.

Up-close Look At The Lacrosse Glove Cuff

Side view of the detailed customization on the glove.

Glove Custom Embroidered With Players Name And Number