Ginormous Lacrosse Hit

St. Cloud Tech (sick name) player takes down a Spring Lake Park middie with a huge hit as he comes out of the box. This coverage was filmed in Blaine, Minnesota, by North Metro TV.

John Ranagan Bulldozes Loyola Player, Breaks Stick With Body At Same Time

Comments under the video state that the player received a three minute non-releasable. I’m not condemning this hit because I think it may have been legal. Officials today, automatically throw a flag if the player did not have enough time to react to an oncoming player. However, the Spring Lake Park player had plenty of time! His peripheral was limited. I’m going to have naysayers that will note that the Spring Lake Park player was hit from the side, which is technically from behind. Further, one might observe that the player extended his arms, crosschecked, and etc. The hit was good. We hope the player on the other end of it is ok.

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  • Tomo

    I have three issues with that clip that really bug me.
    1 That commentator is an idiot! There was no contact to the head! What the hell is an “elbow to the head type check anyway” ?

    2 The dude who got nailed needs to keep his head up looking around the field and more importantly HIS TEAM MATES NEED TO TALK!!!

    3 To the guy who made the hit if he had just lead into the hit with his shoulder and made the the principle point of contact instead of his hands then in no way would it have looked even slightly illegal, not to mention it would have been 10 times harder.

  • USSAmerican

    Too bad that old school Lax is becoming a thing of the past. Looked like a clean hit to me. After all….Lacrosse is still considered to be a contact sport…. right?