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Glow In The Dark Pocket

Posted on June 14, 2012 by

Categories: Stringing

Keep tabs on your throwing buddy in the dark with Glow Mesh. The secret coating that Frankie’s Custom Lax created from scratch, is very unique in the way it glows so bright in the dark. The coating also helps create a harder mesh. And best of all it adds a waterproof and grip texture just as if it were coated with wax. Studies show that the materials and products Frankie uses, have a glow life for up to 6 years. The pocket is available in hard 10D and soft 10D as well as glow shooters, glow sidewall and full glow mesh kits. BUY

LPG will be conducting a thorough REVIEW of the Glow Mesh. Stay tuned…

Posted in: Stringing

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