I was recently invited to play in the Goals for Good game again this year to help raise money for the Alzhiemer’s Association. So this year to help out as much as I could I decided to dye two Maverik Bull heads with the “Goals for Good” across the top and the Alzheimer’s logo on the sides. My goal is to get these heads autographed by players and raffle them off for the cause.

I then did a simple mini-checkerboard pattern on the lower half to give them some style, but nothing too crazy. The Orange and Gray represents each team’s color. See Uniforms…

The dye process just from looking at it wasn’t too difficult. I placed the letters and cut the four logos, two for each scoop side.

Here came the Purple, yes the photo is somewhat misleading but believe me its Purple. I removed all the stickers and pattern and thought they came out pretty nice.

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