While most of the northeast was getting hammered by snow last weekend, the 200+ acres Golden Goal Tournament Park in Fort Ann, NY, had 64 degree weather and beautiful blue skies for its annual Gladiator Games Boys Fall Lacrosse Tournament. The Akwesasne Warriors (Canada), VTribe, Equinox (VT), Niskayuna Lacrosse (NY), Queensbury Lacrosse (NY), Ballston Lacrosse (NY) and Central Bergen Lacrosse (NJ) all fielded teams in what might be the last outdoor tournament of the season for upstate New York.

Golden Goals four lighted state-of-the-art turf fields and four finely manicured grass fields saw non-stop lacrosse action from Saturday night straight through to the last game Sunday evening as the sun set on the picturesque Adirondack mountains. For more information on Golden Goal Park visit Goldengoal.com.