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Gonzo Mesh is Looking to the Future

Posted on February 14, 2014 by

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Since the introduction of Gonzo Mesh in the summer of 2012 Gonzo Pockets has emerged as one of the leading pocket companies in the industry. Along the way, many of the leading lacrosse players in the world have come to love our mesh.

Recently, Gonzo Pockets held a round table and demo session with three of the best players in the world to ensure that our products remain the industry leader. Kevin Crowley, Mark Matthews, and Riley Loewen spent a day with Gonzo Pockets CEO Lou Gonzalez trying out new product, discussing the future of the lacrosse industry, and when all is said and done, just spending some time balling.

All three pros came away impressed with the advancements in our mesh, the quality of our upcoming new product, Otter Strings, and a focus on the amazing things coming down the pike. It was an exciting day, but one thing was clear to all in attendance; the future of Gonzo Pockets is Now!

The spring season is upon us. Contact your nearest Gonzo Pockets dealer or order online today.

Gonzo Mesh is a superior pre-formed mesh coated with a RUBBER compound. This mesh makes all other Traditional mesh pieces unusable for the serious athlete. The rubber coating has a longer life expectancy in comparison to wax mesh pieces. Wax mesh pieces tend to lose their wax coating in a rapid fashion.

Gonzo Mesh is WATERPROOF! Easy to string, very consistent, adds ball control and a little extra grip on the ball. Try a piece you wont be disappointed!

Posted in: Stringing

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